Donald Trump Can’t Make Up His Mind; First Mocks Indian Call Center, Then Says India Is Great

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3:20 pm 23 Apr, 2016


Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump mocked India’s call center representative using a fake accent.

He told his supporters in Delaware:

“I called up credit card company to find out whether their customer support. Guess what, you’re talking to a person from India. How the hell does that work?”


But, then he went ahead and said India is a great place.

“I am not angry with China. I am not angry at Japan. I am not angry with Vietnam, India…all these countries,” he said.




Yet again, he spoke about bringing backs jobs from countries like India, China, who have supposedly stolen it from U.S.

He said:

“You can’t allow policies that allows China, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, India. You can’t allow policies that allows business to be ripped out of the United States like candy from a baby. Our jobs are being taken.”



Trump is leading in polls against his other primary rivals. Taking a jibe at Hiliary Clinton, he said, “We will stomp on Hillary Clinton no one’s ever done.”