13 Signs That Show You Are A Dominating Wife

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10:00 am 25 Jun, 2015


Behind every successful man there is a….? Yes, you are right: a powerful and a ‘dominating’ woman. Not you but your your close friends know who rules if you are in a relationship with a dominating wife. According to a survey, most of the women are dominating after marriage and poor husbands have to agree to them. Here we have listed few signs of a dominating wife, so read on to discover more about your darling wife.

1. You start with deciding upon his marriage outfit, marriage venue and his bachelor party.

Most of them have experienced this.


2. Every weekend you want your husband to take you to supermarket or sometimes to a movie.

What about your husband? Ummm… good question.


3. Sometimes, your husband takes up your ‘Yes’ as ‘No’ in some situation just by observing your expression.

Do you remember “main yeah chahti hu ki tum na jaao“? Read it twice.


4. Your husband will never dare to reject your phone calls and messages.

Damn! He always picks up every call.


5. Your husband will always ask you for permission before he heads to any of his only men’s party.


6. You are the sole decision maker in the family.

It is your decision where would your child go to school, what would he eat and rest other things.


7. You are the only holiday planner in the family and you will decide where should be your next gateway plan.

It is your choice to decide where to go for holiday.


8. You know your husband’s entire friends circle and maintain a record of their phone number.


You are made-up to be a mother sometime.


9. Your husband has to agree to disagree, just because he does not want to push it forward.

Your wife is always right and you have to agree with her ‘Always’.


10. You rule his wardrobe collection and choose the best one for him for special occasions.


11. No break for your husband, he is on duty even on Sundays preparing meals for you.

Loved to be served breakfast when you wake up?


12. Your wife will always say she understand your friends ‘better’ than you.

Yes, she knows your ‘good’ friends.


13. Dominating wife may also ask her husband how much money he spent the day before.

So, there is this day you would give him pocket money too.



So, are you a victim of a strict, dominating wife ruling at home? Well, God bless you.