Middle-East Meets West: D&G’s First-Ever Hijab Collection

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Updated on 11 Jan, 2016 at 6:30 pm


Not so long ago, H&M promoted a hijab-wearing woman in its advertisement which caught quite a few eyeballs. There was an uproar for greater acceptance of eastern and middle-eastern women in the high-end fashion world.


The latest is D&G taking this a notch higher by unleashing an exclusive line of hijabs and abayas in the Middle-East, London and Paris. They are gorgeously designed with  intricate detailing and lace-work mostly in subtle beige, black and browns.






This long-overdue collection will be a delight to rich, urbane, Muslim women who have always been the first to grab the haute couture- only to be worn underneath their abayas. Sex and the City 2 revealed Arab women’s fashion ideas and sensibilities to the world- all layered underneath their black cloak.

 Thankfully, the notion that ”fashion is a western concept of which Muslims are not suppose to be a part of ” will dilute with this initiative as we see these women flaunt their D&G labels unabashedly.



The relationship between Western fashion and Eastern religion has been vexed over the years. Western fashion is all about materialism, vanity, sensuality and everything else which offends the Eastern religious core.



Western countries have denied jobs to women wearing hijabs, seen them as a sign of political volatility and often mocked them. D&G’s announcement proclaims that Islam and western fashion can indeed be compatible and complimentary.



If the eastern world can embrace skirts and jeans and the western world can flaunt Indian sarees, the hijab’s future shouldn’t be too dim.



Hopefully, many more such initiatives will breed in to amalgamate the two sides of the world. After all, fashion is a part of a globally diverse, rich and inspiring culture. Its influence cannot be geographically or democratically restricted.




Picture source- Bored Panda

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