Dola Mata Temple, A Hindu Temple Where A Muslim Woman Is Worshiped As Goddess

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8:18 pm 19 Sep, 2017


Temples are one thing that India is famous for. There are millions and millions of temples in the country and many of them are believed to have special significance associated with them. One of these is the Dola Mata Temple. Approximately 40 km away from the state capital of Ahmedabad, is a small village named Jhulasan in district Mehsana where there is a temple that is one-of-a-kind. The Dola Mata Mandir is a rarity because a Muslim woman is worshiped as a goddess by Hindus. The goddess is known as Dola.

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It is believed that 250 years ago, the village was attacked by some goons and a woman named Dola fought these goons to protect the village until she lost her life. It is also believed that her body turned into a flower after she died. The villagers built this temple where Dola had taken her last breath to honor her bravery and started worshiping her like a goddess.

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The temple is built beautifully but does not have any idol of Dola Mata. Instead, there is a yantra on a stone covered with a colored saree that is considered as the deity and worshiped. It is interesting to note that there is no Muslim family in Jhoolsan village, yet the goddess is worshiped by most of the villagers and they believe that she fulfills their wishes. In fact, the villagers contributed approximately Rs. 4 crore to get the lavish temple constructed.

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Apart from this unique temple, the village is also famous for being the birthplace of Sunita Williams, the first female Indian astronaut to travel in space. The Dola Mata temple gained huge fame when Sunita Williams came here with her father to offer prayers to Dola Mata. The villagers had lit up an Akhand Diya (a religious candle that never extinguishes until put out intentionally) for the safe return of Williams and it actually glowed up until she returned.

Apart from all of the above facts, the temple is also popularly known as Dollar Mata Temple because out of the 7000 people of the village, 1500 are settled in the U.S. Hence, the deity is also believed to fulfill the desire of those who want to immigrate to foreign countries.



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