These 25 Dogs Could Participate In Teddy-Bear Lookalike Contests

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7:30 pm 19 Feb, 2015


Maybe dogs got bored of just sitting around. Maybe they grew sick of hearing us go, “Awwww…”. Maybe they’ve decided to try evolution and see where it takes them. I don’t really know. But what I do know is that these dogs look so much like bears…cute ones, of course.

 1. Chow Chow pup – Awwww.

 2. Samoyed pup – you don’t fool me with that collar, bear!

3. Golden Doodle pup – you probably had a teddy-bear that looked just like this.

4. Akita, Corgi and German Shepherd mix – that’s the formula for bear I guess.

 5. Tibetan Mastiff pup – yep, that’s the pup. The dog is huge.

6. Poodle pup – with CSI-type proof that it looks like a bear.

 7. Chow Chow dogs – black and brown bears hanging out together.

8. Black Pomeranian pup – looks like a bear cub that needs a lot of loving.

 9. Leonberger – if that’s not a bear looking contemplative, I don’t know what it is.

 10. Alaskan Malamute pup – proving that bears HATE paparazzi.

 11. Poodle pup – with its very own teddy-bear.

 12. Chow Chow pup – when this bear comes, you don’t play dead; you play fetch.

 13. Panda Bear dog – Is it a bear? Is it a dog? Who cares? It’s adorable!

 14. Teacup Pomeranian – looks like a fuzzy little ball of a bear.

 15. Caucasian Ovcharka – okay, so this one makes a rather scary bear.

 16. Bernese Mountain Dog pup – let sleeping bears lie…or they wink at you.

 17. Akita pup – looks like someone adopted a polar bear.

 18. Newfoundland pup – that butt puts Nicki Minaj to shame.

 19. Briard – this is how a bear would look if it adopted a hippy lifestyle.

 20. Eurasier pup – the happiest little black bear you’ve ever seen.

 21. Brown Pomeranian – if all bears looked like this, we’d still be living in the jungle.

 22. Keeshond and American Eskimo mix – some bears do like car rides.

 23. White Tibetan Mastiff – a bear that would do well in a shampoo + conditioner ad.

 24. Cane Corso with pup – double awwwww.

25. Bouvier De Flandres pup – who wants a bear hug?

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