These 17 Dogs Look Hilarious When They Try To Work Out What To Do On Slides

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12:59 pm 23 May, 2015


1. What is this?



2. Am I alive?


3. Where have you sent me?



4. No, no! I want to stay here only.


5. Slowly, slowly, I’ll get down.


6. Where are the brakes?


7. I am a goner this time.


8. Why did you do this to me?


9. I will never try this one again.


10. Just a few more inches to go.


11. I’d like to leave now.


12. You shouldn’t have done this to me.


13. This is the first and last time.


14. I will not slide, just move slowly.


15. Please save me from this.


16. I can do it.


17. I will try the other way.




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