The Way A Dog Saved Its Owner From Rapists Will Surely Touch Your Heart

1:17 pm 23 Aug, 2018


They say a dog is a man’s best friend and dog lovers across the globe will swear by it. The fact that dogs love their owners with all their heart is widely known and accepted. We often make dogs as an example when it comes to explaining loyal nature. A recent incident where a dog saved owner from rapists is the perfect example of their loyalty. Dogs return the love they receive multi-fold and can go to great lengths to protect their owners. When you’ll read more about how a dog saved its owner, a 14-yr-old girl from rapists, it will make you all fall in love with them more.



The incident in question occurred in the Kareela village of Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh. A girl headed out of her house to get fodder for burning to keep mosquitos at bay. Outside the house, two men overpowered the girl and took her to a nearby hut at knife-point.



The men recognized as 39-yr-old Aishu Ahirwar and 24-year-old Punit Ahirwar allegedly raped the girl in the hut. The girl tried to rescue herself and started yelling for help. Hearing her scream, her pet dog soon headed into the hut and bit one of the rapists on the foot.



This gave the girl an opportunity to escape from the clutches of the rapists who could have further hurt her. The dog continued barking at the men. All the commotion and the noise led people from nearby houses to the hut. The girl’s family filed a report against the two men, whom the police soon apprehended.




As soon as the incident became public, netizens started appreciating how the dog saved its owner. Here is what some of the comments looked like:


Dogs are amazing, they all should go to heaven



Better than Indian police?



Hope he bit the rapist where it hurts the most



Pet dogs have more brains than these humans



There is no pet like a dog right? We sure think so. What do you think about the dog and his braveness in protecting the little girl?