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Doting Dog Owners In Delhi Seek Match For Their Pets Through Matrimonial Ads

Published on 20 April, 2017 at 12:31 pm By

Matrimonial ads for girls and boys are now a thing of the past. There is a new trend set by a captivating ad displayed on a wall in the bustling Khan Market of Delhi. The ad reads

Lonely, fair and handsome, three-year-old Golden Labrador (Ludhiana caste, settled in Delhi) seeks homely female of the same community. Must be blonde, slim, beautiful, well-behaved, well-groomed, smart with good family values. Feminist/smoker/drinker girl-dogs need not apply.



You guessed right! It’s a matrimonial ad for a dog.

There is another ad by Atul Khanna seeking a mate for his 2.5 year-old Maltese canine. Khanna’s describes his dog Moltu as “independent and spunky” and feels that if humans can have matrimonial ads, then dogs can too! The two are still waiting for a response to their ads.

There is another flyer on the wall in which the owner of a golden retriever is looking for a beautiful, intelligent and fun-loving “wifey to settle down and start a family with”.


In a city like Delhi, where people don’t even know who their neighbors are, it has become extremely difficult to find mates for dogs. Also, seldom do any of these dog owners know that dog breeding is a serious business.

Pallavi Dar, a volunteer at a dog shelter in Noida says,


This is probably the dog owners’ way of showering love on their dog, or just being cute. But how many of them really know that dog breeding – even if you are not a professional breeder – is serious business? You can’t just mate your dog and give away or sell off puppies – you need to have a license for that.

The Animal Welfare Board of India, an advisory body under Ministry of Environment and Forests, has laid clear guidelines about the ethics of dog breeding.


Elaborating on the matter, Dr. Kiran Rao, a veterinarian says,

Like humans who find matches for their children through advertisements or through some relatives and friends, and then check their gotrams to keep any genetic problems at bay, you must find a good match for your dog only from people you know well – like vets, dog trainers, etc. who can be answerable in case things go wrong. Look for those partners that have been registered with the Kennel Club of India.

If proper care is not taken with some important things, such as health and purity of bloodline of the potential partner, it can lead to sickness in puppies. It takes a lot to take care of a purebred.



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