Not Only Humans, Even Dogs Donate Blood To Save Other Dogs

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7:45 pm 22 Aug, 2017


It may sound bizarre, but our canine friends also donate blood to help save lives of other dogs.

In order to save dogs from accidents, injuries and diseases, veterinarians take blood from healthy dogs and transfuse it into a sick or ailing dog. Blood transfusion is a method through which medical conditions like anemia, surgery, trauma, and blood loss are treated. The blood that is being donated is packaged into citrate phosphate dextrose bags to prevent it from spoiling. However, unlike humans, dogs can donate blood only once in their lifetime.

A husky donates blood itv


The donated blood then has to undergo a series of cross-matching tests. Generally, the blood matches 90 percent of the time, but sometimes it can become tedious to find a dog with a matching blood type.

Head of the Department of Animal Husbandry, Barabanki, Dr. Rajneesh Chandra, explained that blood transfusion is done in cases of parvo and anemia. The blood can be taken from any breed and transfused in any other breed, provided it matches. Dr. Chandra also revealed that every year the hospital sees 30 to 35 cases of blood transfusion which have a 100 percent success rate. The average Hb level in a healthy dog is around 12 and blood transfusion becomes necessary when this level falls below 5.

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The blood that has been donated is used to create a serum from the plasma which is used to treat canine diseases like parvo and canine distemper. The plasma serum is also used to treat the open wounds on a dog so that the clot appears faster and the wound heals.



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