Doctors At Leading Delhi Hospital Operate On Wrong Leg Of 24-Year-Old; Insert Rod And Screws

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6:10 pm 23 Jun, 2016


In an incident that has shocked Delhi, a 24-year-old CA student’s wrong foot got operated upon when doctors at a Delhi’s well known Fortis Hospital put rods and screws in his left foot instead of right one.

Ravi Rai, had an horrific experience at Delhi’s Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh when he was there for an orthopedic surgery.


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Ravi was admitted to the hospital with a broken right leg after falling down from stairs.

Doctors thus had to operate upon it and insert a metal rod which was being secured with a set of screws.



He was rushed to the hospital by his family soon after the accident and the doctors had suggested a number of tests including – a CT-scan and X-Ray.

The test revealed that his condition was serious and that he needed an an immediate surgery on his right leg.

But to Ravi and his family’s horror, the doctors performed the surgery on his left leg which was perfectly alright.


Shocked by what had happened Ravi’s father Ramkaran Rai has lodged a case of medical negligence against the doctor and hospital and shifted his son to another hospital.



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Meanwhile, the hospital has issued a a statement to the family that said:

“Patient safety is of paramount importance to us. We are deeply concerned and are looking into the matter and will take appropriate action as deemed necessary”.


According to media reports, the hospital has set up an expert committee to enquire about the matter and services of the said doctors and five other staff personnel have been suspended.

The family though alleges that the doctors initially had tried to downplay the incident and told them that it was a “minor incident” that could be fixed in no time.

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