This 90-Year-Old Doctor Is An Inspiration For Those Who Give Up On Life When They Age

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3:08 pm 6 Jul, 2016

Most of us reading this article would not have even imagined ourselves living till our 90s but for someone, working till then is a passion and nothing else. Dr. Birendra Prasad Verma, a well-known and accomplished physician, still carries the same desire that he had 50 years ago i.e to serve sick people.

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Born on 12 April, 1927, he established his clinic in 1957 soon after completing his education and since then, he has devoted his life to treating the poor. Residing in a small town, Arari, Bihar, he has been a saviour for many generations. For most of the people, he is a family doctor for almost five decades and is admiringly called ‘Biren Babu’. 

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His selfless acts of curing victims during the floods proves that he has a tireless soul with a strong will to help people. He says that he will keep serving his people till his last breath: “There is no limit to how many people I see everyday, if he is poor, I will cure him”

What a human being!

To know more about his life and his dedication to poor people, watch this video below:



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