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Do You Know That Indonesian Policewomen Have To Undergo A Virginity Test During The Recruitment?

Published on 23 October, 2018 at 3:15 pm By

This world is for everyone and everyone is equal in the eyes of God and laws! Having said that, I mean to say that everyone should be treated equally, given equal opportunity and freedom, no matter if one is black or white, men or women, gay or straight. However, it seems like this world is far from being that, isn’t it? Needless to mention, while women across the world are relentlessly fighting for equal treatment, opportunity, and freedom, it seems some parts of the world are missing the point entirely. Here, we are going to talk about Indonesian policewomen.


Do you know that Indonesian policewomen are subjected to and have to undergo a virginity test as part of the recruitment? Not just that, they are even required to be ‘pretty’ as well. To be honest, WTF this has to do, right?



Well, this is not all. To make the humiliating and degrading procedure sounds even more bizarre, the virginity test is conducted by inserting two fingers inside the vagina, called as the ‘two-finger test’, to check if the hymen is broken or not.


Explaining the bizarre practice, Andreas Harsono, an Indonesian journalist and researcher, who reported on the practice for Human Rights Watch, says,

“The young women are led into an examination hall, 20 to a group, where they’re asked to strip down to their bra and underwear. Then, two by two, they’re asked to go into a smaller room where they are asked to take off their underwear. They’re then told to lie down on the bed and spread their legs while a female examiner inserts two fingers to check the vagina of the applicant.”



It is reportedly said that the practice has been going on for decades in Indonesia and that the only thing that’s changed is the official explanation. It seems Indonesian police officials now call the practice as not a virginity test, but a reproductive health exam to see if there are diseases.

If it’s a health exam, does it meet the medical standards? How can they do that kind of examination using the fingers? Well, this is nothing more than humiliating and degrading practice against women.



It is indeed outrageous that Indonesian policewomen are being subjected to such a thing, and that this is actually a part of the recruitment procedure for the police force. Well, this needs to be stopped right away.


Meanwhile, it is said that the tests are no longer official in the recruitment process but still practiced and are a crucial part of the recruitment procedure.

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