Do You Know How Shah Rukh Khan Makes Money When His Films Get Bombed At The Box Office?

3:57 pm 25 Oct, 2018


Everyone wants to be successful in life. Every businessman wants his business to be successful, every professional wants to be successful in his or her field, and so is every artist or filmmaker. Well, we will not be talking about everyone here, but about one of the most popular personalities in India’s entertainment industry. Yes, about Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

We all know that Shah Rukh Khan is not just an actor but also a producer. He is known for not just acting but also for making and producing big-budget films and taking risks! Yes, he has experimented a lot with the budget in his films. While some worked in his favor, others didn’t. But do you ever wondered how he makes money or what’s his other source of income when his films didn’t work or get tanked at the box office? Well, here’s what the actor said about it. Take a read below:




Talking about films and how he sustains when his films didn’t work or get tanked at the box office, Shah Rukh Khan was reportedly quoted as saying,

“If I have done ten good films in my career, the reason is that I did not pay attention to earning money through films. Advertising sustained me…it helped me concentrate on films, which is true even today.”

“I can go out and make the most expensive film in the country, knowing that God forbid, if something goes wrong, I can fall back on another business source.”



Speaking about the responsibilities that lie with being the brand ambassador, the Bollywood actor said,

“There is a certain amount of integrity that every person has. It varies and I don’t stand in judgment. I think I have a normal sense of integrity that means if I am recommending something I must have enjoyed using it or liked it.”


On the brands and products which he endorses and promotes, Shah Rukh says,

“It’s a two-edged sword. Sometimes your product is enhancing your face value, sometimes your face value is enhancing the brand. I do get interested in knowing if something is not good… I think all of us, we don’t want something we recommend to turn out bad. I must have endorsed 100-200 products at any given period in the last 10 years, more or less they have been okay.”



But do you know why Shah Rukh Khan never endorse cigarettes and alcohol? Well, this is what the actor said,

“If Signature Series calls me to give a lecture on success and life to youngsters, I will take it because surrogacy is allowed. I am not telling you to drink. That is not a loophole but a mode of operations for many businesses.”



Meanwhile, here’s wishing Shah Rukh Khan good luck for his upcoming film Zero, which is slated to release on December 21.