Here Are The Countries That Also Celebrate Diwali, But In Their Own Unique Way

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11:00 am 7 Nov, 2018


Diwali is undeniably the Salman Khan of Indian festivals because it is so widely celebrated. Just as our bhai has global fans, Diwali is also a global festival. Interestingly, it is celebrated with equal passion across the world. Surprisingly, in most countries, not only fireworks but other spiritual rituals are practiced with the same zeal. Different countries have their own amusing way to welcome this festival, but it is the joy of celebrations that connect us all.

Well, if you are not in India, and happen to be in these countries, you can enjoy the madness as well. After all, all festivals speak the common language of joy and happiness.


1. Nepal


Diwali is popularly known as ‘Tihar’ in Nepal. It is celebrated over a period of five days and each day has a special significance. The first day is dedicated to cows, who are fed and prayed to. The second day is devoted to dogs.  On the third day, lanterns and lamps are lit to honor the victory of Lord Rama. The fourth day is dedicated to the Lord of death, Yama and the final day celebrates the eternal bond between brothers and sisters called Bhaiya Dooj.



2. Singapore

A lot of Hindus reside in Singapore. In fact, there is a region called ‘Little India’ where all Indian communities come together to celebrate this extravagant festival. That too, without crackers. The streets are decorated with colorful flowers, storefronts shine in hues of red and gold, and the warm aroma of flowers fills the air.



3. Mauritius

Mauritius is another beautiful place where 63% of the population is Indians. According to Mauritian beliefs, the day of Diwali also marks the destruction of the demon, Narakasuran, by the hands of Lord Krishna. Moreover, Diwali also symbolizes the arrival of the summer season in Mauritius. They, too, celebrate Diwali with earthen lamps, colorful rangolis, and crackers.



4. Sri Lanka

The festival of lights is famously celebrated by the Hindu Tamilians communities scattered across Sri Lanka. The celebrations include fireworks, the lighting of oil lamps, performing spiritual rituals, and distribution of sweets.



5. Malaysia

Diwali is popularly called as ‘Hari Diwali’ in Malaysia. The festival is uniquely celebrated in a south Indian traditional way where oil bath precedes the festivities and prayers. Small lamps, made from clay and filled with coconut oil, lit up the festivities.



6. Guyana

Guyana is located on the northeast coast of South America. To your surprise, Hindus constitute 33% of Guyana’s total population.  Diwali is declared as a national holiday as per their official calendar. The tradition of celebrating the festival started back in 1853 and just as us, they celebrate by distributing sweets, illuminating their houses, and wearing new clothes. The sweets mainly include pera, barrfi, and kheer.  Also, they believe that wearing new cloth is the symbol of a healthy soul.



7. Australia

Interestingly, Diwali at the Federation Square in Melbourne is known to be the largest celebration in Australia. It is marked with a grand display of fireworks, traditional dances of India, cultural shows, delicacies, and musical performances.



8. Indonesia

Being a culturally-rich country, Diwali in Thailand is observed on the full moon day of the 12th month. Besides fireworks, various boat parades and cultural performances are also organized. Interestingly, the diyas here are made from the banana leaves and they look spectacular floating in the river.



9. Japan

Unlike India where people light up their homes, people in Japan hang colorful lanterns in their gardens. Also, flying lanterns all over the sky is a breathtaking sight.



So, which of these Diwali celebrations fascinated you the most?

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