Ditch Firecrackers And Enjoy The Perfect Diwali With Family In These Awesome Ways

6:00 pm 6 Nov, 2018


Last year the Supreme Court of India ordered a complete ban on crackers just before Diwali. This year, however, the ban has got some relaxation. In Diwali 2018, people can burn firecrackers but only between only between 8 pm and 10 pm. Whether the festival will be without firecrackers or not, let’s envision a positive one! The decision by the SC was hard, but it has to take into account the fundamental right of livelihood of firecracker manufacturers and the health hazards during this time.

In case you are one among those who think firecrackers should not be banned, then you need to really open your eyes and look around. The burning of the firecrackers certainly creates a sad state as the pollution level increases rampantly.




Also, just to give you a reminder. Remember Bryan Adam’s recent Gurugram concert? This was his silhouette against the heavy pollution!



So brace yourself for these easy tips on how to enjoy Diwali 2018 without firecrackers!


1. Having family get-together

It’s time to forget your desk jobs for one day and give priority to the people who matter the most – family! Include those long-distance cousins and irritating aunties too, because it’s Diwali 2018!



2. Making special gifts!

Why spend those hard-earned notes on some thick air? Instead be wise. Buy memorable gifts and even better if they are accompanied by traditional sweets too! PS: I don’t mind customized gifts actually!



3. Decorating and cleaning the house

Nothing gives a better adrenaline rush than decorating your own house – trust me! Get those fancy candles/lights/diyas and go for it! Also, it’s time to get rid of those junks!



4. Helping the less fortunate

Let Diwali 2018 be the starting of a generous upcoming year (and attitude). Never forget to share your money/clothes/love/books with the underprivileged and get their blessings!



5. Preparing delicious feasts

Never entered your kitchen? Well, Diwali 2018 is the time you do! Get your aprons on and prepare delicious dishes like a Michelin chef – because it’s all about showing love with food!



6. Learning new card games

As major a part of Diwali 2018, you can make your bets in the safer way – by playing card games! Flash or buff, pick your choice. You lose some, you win some!



7.  Shopping at the Blind School Diwali Mela

If you’re in Delhi for Diwali 2018,  you can’t miss the Blind Relief Association Diwali mela. Everything will make you happy – painted lamps and candles, vibrant jholas and juttis, delicious chaat corner and much more.



8. Riding the iconic Ferris wheel

Diwali 2018 can’t be mentioned without the iconic Sunder Nagar Diwali mela. The giant Ferris wheel ride, puppet shows, magic shows, shopping, and Golgappa – all under one roof!




See? Simple and easy ways to enjoy a noise-free and cracker-free Diwali 2018! Do you have a special way too? Don’t forget to let us know.

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