Divya Dutta Reveals Why She Didn’t Become A ‘Leading Lady’ In Bollywood And Her Reason Will Surprise You

4:14 pm 5 Apr, 2018


Ever since Hollywood got engulfed in a myriad of controversies regarding nepotism and casting couches, Bollywood has suddenly woken up from slumber and shared their personal experiences with the world as well. Once considered a ‘taboo‘ in the industry, this topic raised eyebrows when many Bollywood celebs opened up about the problems they faced in their careers. To join that list of bandwagon is actress Divya Dutta, who has come out with her version.



Though she may not be known as a lead actress, she has proved her mettle with performances in films like Veer-Zaara, where she played the memorable role of Shabbo.




The ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag‘ actress has always won her appreciation from the media and her fans for her selective roles. Recently, during a media interaction, Divya was asked to shed some light on veteran actress Daisy Irani’s shocking revelation of being a rape victim she was only 6.



Divya, who is known as an opinionated woman, gave a shocking revelation herself. She confessed that she has been in such vulnerable situations herself, because she didn’t have a choice.



Further elaborating her disclosure, the actress said that she had the choice of escaping from such situations, but the escape route wasn’t easy and she had to face such ill-deeds standing alone. She said to the shocked audience:

“Now, everyone has started talking about it. Yes, they are not naming people, and I am sure they have their reasons not to name because you need a huge amount of unity to take names as no one wants to get secluded from work or be told to be out of the system.”


When Divya was further asked if she was ever told to “compromise” in her career, she revealed the dark side of Bollywood. She allegedly revealed how she was too ‘indirectly propositioned‘.



Divya didn’t mince her words while describing the dark complexities of the industry and said:

“It is sad. What we do is we ask them to speak but are we giving them a back-up? When you have a back-up, I am sure a lot of people will speak”.

The actress, who is known for her stupendous performances in films like Badlapur, was as powerful in her statements, as characters. She said she knows many people in the industry, who had no option but to compromise for work and later went through “a lot of shit”.



Elaborating on the existence of sexual harassment in the Hindi film industry, she admitted that she lost several projects because she chose not to “compromise” and “refused to be part of this bracket”.


In an exclusive interview to Indian Express, Divya Dutta said:

Today’s woke environment might have enabled female actors to open about their experiences with molestation and sexual favours asked in Bollywood, but, sadly, the identity of their abusers remain a mystery because women will lose out on work if they start taking names.


Despite her belief that no-one will hear these stifled noises against the industry, she is however thankful for all the experiences that she has had as a learning in her life.


Currently, Divya is gearing up for the release of her upcoming film Blackmail, which will hit the screens on April 6. The film also stars Irffan Khan, Arunoday Singh, Anuja Sathe and Omi Vaidya in pivotal roles. Watch the trailer here: