The First Images Of Disney’s ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Are Out. Emma Watson Makes A Beautiful Belle

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11:43 pm 5 Nov, 2016

Those of us who grew up with fairy tales, know how special they once seemed. The princes and princesses, the magic and adventure, it’s how most of us hoped our lives would turn out. Well, maybe minus a prince or so!

The tale of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is as old as time. It’s a story that keeps making a reappearance in one avatar or another. The fair maiden who could do no wrong, the loving father who “has to” give her up to the beast to save her life, the hideous creature who finds his softer, human side soon after “fair maiden” shows up at his doorstep. And then they live happily ever after.

If you look at it closely, it’s the story of most Indian girls and their experience of arranged marriage — marry the stranger, he might turn out to be a halfway decent creature if you do everything he commands! Worst case scenario, you might end up dead. Oh well!

Anyway, it may not have worked out for Disney in India, but them folks at Disney know what sells. Which is why, after having already made an animated version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ twenty five years ago, Disney is all set to release the live-action version of the film in March, 2017. Emma Watson plays Belle (Beauty), Dan Stevens is the Beast.

The first look of the movie was released recently. Here’s what it looks like. Enjoy!

1. Belle with daddy dearest


2. Belle with the fabled red rose


3. Belle’s dusting skills being tested by Beast


4. Belle dancing with Beast. Because, who wouldn’t?!!


5. And finally, Beast unmasked


And they lived happily ever after. The end! And that’s that!



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