4 Most Disgusting Chinese Food According To Quora User

1:37 pm 29 Jun, 2018


What if you are asked to list the most disgusting food in your country? What will you say and what would it be? Well, a question was put up on Quora asking people the most disgusting food from their country. Answering the question, a Chinese has come up with a list of, in fact, some of the really disgusting food.

While asking people not to think that Chinese are barbarians because of the answer, as there are far more delicious dishes in China; according to him, here are some of the most disgusting Chinese food/dishes that he thinks are completely unreasonable. Take a look:


1. ‘Three Squeaks’or little mice just born

It is said that this dish gets its name because the mice squeak when one picks them up with chopsticks, dip them in the sauce and bite them. The dish is said to be listed as one of the ten banned Chinese dishes, not official though, because of its cruelness.


2. Eggs boiled with children’s urine

Oops! Horrible, isn’t it? the moment you hear it! It is said that these eggs can improve heart and lungs. It seems the eggs are just salty. Will you eat?



3. Cow-dung hotpot

The hotpot is made of semi-digested grass and herbs taken from cow’s stomach. It seems it’s a top-grade dish for guests in southeastern Guizhou. The hotpot is said to help your digestion.


4. Chicken embryo

These are boiled eggs with embryos inside it. When you split it apart you can see the embryo. It is said that these eggs can help cure a headache.



What do you say you want to taste them? Anyway, what are some of the most disgusting food in your country?