12 Reasons You’d Rather Discuss Things With A Cousin Than A Sibling

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12:00 pm 17 Oct, 2015

A cousin is no less than a sibling as they laugh with you, cry with you, and grow old with you. They are there with you through thick and thin and that is what makes this relationship special. You long to meet them and feel comfortable in their presence.

Here are some of the reasons and times when you would wish to be with your cousin rather than your siblings.


1. Because your sibling is younger or elder to you and your cousin is just your age.


2. As you don’t live with your cousin, you find lesser reasons to fight and that makes it easier to communicate.


3. If it’s about your crush, you’d rather share it with your cousin as your sibling may just let your parents know of it.


4. If you want unbiased advice, they will give you the harshest of them.


5. When you want to be footloose, you can do it with them as they have no sibling rivalry.


6. You can throw tantrums and they won’t complain.


7. When you are looking for a friend to be with, they are the first ones that come to your mind.


8. When it is about studies you’d rather share your failure stories with them.

They help in letting your parents know that you flunked.


9. If you want to cry out, they are sure not going to make fun of your tears.


10. They will not judge you for anything that you say and share.

That being a good reason to just blurt your heart out.


11. You can share your wildest fantasies with them.

And you can find them sharing their fantasies too.


12. If it’s about your dysfunctional family, they will keep it a secret and hear you out.



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