‘Disappointing Journalism’ Says Shane Warne Over ‘Expensive Coach’ Jibe, Clears Air

Updated on 5 Sep, 2018 at 1:39 pm


Former Australian bowler Shane Warne has recently come up with a comment and it seems that it did not go well with most Indians.

Shane said something that was enough to infuriate people on Twitter. He contended, “I am very expensive, I don’t think they can afford me. Virat Kohli and me can have a good partnership, but as I said, I am very, very expensive”, as per a report published by Mid Day.

Post his comment, people started slamming him on Twitter:







After receiving backlash on Twitter, Warne tried to explain what he actually meant by his statement and tweeted:

With another Tweet, he also slammed the media for misinterpreting the statement and expressed his disappointment:

Whatever, the truth is, we know that India could afford him any time, better than any other country in the world.