Disappointing Facts About India That Will Definitely Make You Say WTF

1:48 pm 18 Nov, 2018


India is a developing and happening nation with new things taking place or transforming almost every day. But there are many disappointing facts about India that will make you say WTF. While the country continues to battle with several grave issues such as poverty, unemployment, child malnutrition, freedom of expression, women’s rights, women’s safety, and what not, it seems like those in power are not serious enough to address them. It just seems like they are losing sight of the real issues and often responded by looking the other way. What do you say?

Well, here in this article, we bring you a list of some disappointing facts about India that make no sense and that prove our country is losing sight of what’s important. Take a look:


Building the world’s tallest statue while receiving aid from overseas


While we were receiving £1.17 billion in aid from the UK for various welfare schemes, we are spending a huge sum (Rs 2989 crore) on building the world’s tallest statue. This is complete nonsense, isn’t it?



Debates on religious structures vs increased communal tensions

While we keep debating about building Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, we witnessed 16 lynchings and 22 deaths in two months on suspicion of being child-lifters or involved in cow slaughter.



Renaming towns and cities vs law and order situation in UP

While the UP government keeps renaming towns and cities, the law and order situation remains a key issue in the state with the highest crime rate in the country.



Banning entry of women in temple vs percentage of women access to sanitary hygiene

We keep fighting and blocking women from entering the temples, but only 18 per cent of women in India have access to sanitary hygiene.



Banning porn vs rape cases in the country

While our government is busy banning porn, 24,923 cases of rape were reported across India in 2012.



Burning crackers and WHO report on air quality

We keep burning crackers on Diwali even as the World Health Organization has reported that Delhi has the worst air quality in the world.



Immersion of idols Vs pollution in rivers

We continue to immerse thousands of idols in rivers even as the Ganga remains the sixth-most polluted river in the world.



Pouring milk into Ganga Vs child malnourishment

While we pour thousands of liters of milk into the Ganga, the rate of malnutrition among India’s children are almost five times more than in China. Nearly half of all India’s children – approximately 60 million – are underweight.



Censoring depiction of sexuality in cinema vs domestic violence

While we censor any depiction of sexuality or abuse in cinema, every third woman in India suffers from sexual and physical violence at home.




People of India, we need to get our focus back. Let’s get into real issues and what’s more important for our citizens and our country. Let’s focus and work on to alleviate poverty, improve healthcare, better education, solve the unemployment and farmer suicide problem, and ensure the safety and rights of our women.

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