These Paper Sculptures Disappear When Viewed From A Certain Angle

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4:00 pm 7 Dec, 2015


Korean artist Ho Yoon Shin‘s unusual paper sculptures work on the life philosophy that is “it’s all a matter of perspective”.   This technique is what enables the sculptures to appear solid from one angle and ’empty’ from another.

The art appear solid or disappears – it all depends on the angle from which you look.



The artworks are made from thin hand-cut strips of paper, which are then glued together using urethane-coated paper joints, in order to reinforce the fragile structure.




His main influences include religion and politics, as well as the society he lives in.



The artist very strongly portrays the message of the emptiness and the lack of essence in today’s society through his art.



It may be difficult to link portraits to complex social and political movements, but art can link them together.



The philosophy of Buddhism is also a source of inspiration for Shin.  paper-sculptures5


The concept behind Shin’s art is actually deeper and based on the philosophy of void and emptiness.




credit: themindunleashed

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