Director Forced To Apologize After Being Slammed By Actress Tamannaah For Making Sexist Comments

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 4:36 pm

Tamannaah Bhatia is not really happy with the director of her latest movie ‘Kaththi Sandai’. Though the movie has given a slow opening at the box office but the reason behind her anger is something else.


During an interview, director Suraj passed some really sexist comments while talking about actresses and the clothes he makes them wear in his movies. He said that he asks his actresses to wear short dresses as audiences give money to see actresses in such clothes and not their acting skills.

If the costume designer comes to me with the heroine’s clothes covering up to the knee, I would strictly order them to shorten the length. I don’t mind even if my heroine is not happy or comfortable, but I insist and get it done. This is because audiences pay money to see the heroines in such clothes.



He further added that actresses should show their acting skills on television serials and not in movies.

Let heroines show their acting abilities in television serials. When it comes to commercial films, they are paid only to provide the required sizzle to the money paying audiences.


This was the breaking point for actress Tamannaah, she brutally slammed the director and vented out her anger on Twitter with this tweet…

Another South Indian actress, Nayanthara, has also criticized Suraj for his comment. Both not only slammed the director but also demanded an apology!

After the backlash, it seems that director Suraj has been forced to apologize to all the actresses for making such sexist comments and he wrote…

But, if this a forced apology, then is it even worth it? Before apologizing, the individual needs to understand the mistake he has made. Hope we won’t hear such derogatory things from Suraj again!