Even Digvijaya Singh Knows Why PM Narendra Modi Is Better Than Rahul Gandhi

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Updated on 23 May, 2016 at 5:49 pm


A senior leader in Congress, Digvijaya Singh has time and again jumped to the defence of his party and the Gandhi family. Yet as the sun appears to set on India’s oldest surviving political party, an already bitter Singh is in a really bad mood.

“What’s the difference between PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi?” Singh was asked in an interview.

His answer:



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That was not all. Singh added that though Indira Gandhi and JLN too were not great speakers, they at least had a vision. What about Rahul?


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On the day of the election results, May 19, Singh had tweeted this:


That was in response to Sonia Gandhi’s comment that the party needed a major introspection.

Singh is furious after Congress’ humiliation in the recently concluded Assembly Elections.

Media reports indicate that the Congress now rules over just 7 per cent of Indian population spread across six states.


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That is a great fall for a party that ruled most of the states while it was in power at Centre for 10 long years just two years ago.



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