7 Difficulties People Face When They Move To A Different State… Alone!

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10:00 am 6 Jul, 2015

How many of us have actually moved on to a completely new state with no clue what’s written on the shops or the buses and struggling to make Dal Chawal without burning the shit out of the Dal? Here is what you will face when your sense of adventure makes you choose to live in an unknown place for work, studies or post break up blues!

1. Food

Ever imagined a Punjabi moving to Gujarat? Well, that’s the worst nightmare any Punjabi would ever have. How are we supposed to live without Daaru and Chicken amongst Dhoklas and Theplas? Also, people moving to South have problems with Idlis for breakfast and Sambhar Bhat for lunch and dinner and well 24 X 7…

ProTip: Start helping your mom with cooking today onwards, bro!


Moving to other state

“Kya yaar…Paneer main bhi Rassam ka taste?” Layzeebee

2. Language

Whether you go to Europe or an Indian state with a different language, don’t immediately start fighting for the locals to speak in a language you understand. Respect your host and attempt to speak in their language. It is called basic courtesy and anyone with a mother tongue language understands this.


Moving to other state

“Omg! When did they intoduce a JALEBI FONT?” wikimedia

3. Lifestyle

The way they eat, the way they speak, the way they live, it all looks disgusting at the first place. But then, after a few months, you’re just one of the lot! The real problem starts when you return with those ‘Twadi Maa Di’ words…


Moving to other state

“Yeh chicken hai ya twadi maa di..!” Youku

4. Transport

You want to go to some place. It is there on the address chit in your hand. Your only problem is, you honestly don’t know how to say it.


Moving to other state

“Bus go toVaandre Sthanak!? Who the eff is Vaandre Sthanak!? Oh..! Bandra station!” CloudFront

5. Climate

Most of your salary goes down because of the sick leaves you take every now and then because you are a tiny sensitive kid or you are too bored to work in a 47 degree temperature place in summers. And you never know how to predict the rains in here.


Moving to other state

“The temperature is greater than my marks on the last Math test!” SkyMetWeather

6. Accomodation

Finding cheap accomodation in the new place is what I call the perfect definition of Third World Problems. Staying as a PG or sharing a room with a bunch of (probable) assholes is the last thing you want to do.


Moving to other state

“Beta, you can live your life to the fullest, but come home by 10 pm strictly!” Avishkaar-Box

7. Crowd

Making new friends is a tedious job, because you’ll always find it difficult to adjust amongst a group with their own language and timepasses that you aren’t familiar with. But this is India. And Indians toh have been welcoming even foreigners for centuries, gharwaale toh are super extra welcome! So Vanakkam and Swaagath! Welcome to just another part of India!


Moving to other state

“Damn! All of these look as pakau as from back home!” HoeZaay


Have you ever had to live far from home? What was your experience like?


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