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18 Difficult Things You Face If You Are A Highly Intuitive Person

Updated on 10 July, 2016 at 12:13 pm By

Intuitive people are self-conscious and some believe they are more powerful than the intellectuals of the world. Patterns have emerged, and here today we tell you about the difficult things that intuitive people face.



1. It is often difficult to know if it’s just a natural feeling or a casual inclination.

Once the intuition sets in, do make sure to co-relate it to logic as well.


2. Regret fills your gut once you realize your intuition was correct.


3. The #1 battle of your life is to discover what is right.

Figuring that out is, once in a while, a process of trial and error.


4. Intuitive people can instantly sense dissension in others and feel frustrated.


They hate it when they are not able to confront that person to his or her face.


5. Your intuition also makes you more sensitive and vulnerable.

You just can’t stand insincerity or distrust.


6. You’re an over-thinker, always stuck between right and wrong.

And that makes you indecisive as well.


7. You often end up ignoring your intuition by viewing it as illogical.

When you already know the opposite to be true.


8. You’re highly prone to anxiety for you can see through surfaces no one else can.

Or perhaps they wish to ignore what they see.


9. You take everything personally, even when it’s none of your concern.

It gets overwhelming when you understand that you alone can’t clear up them.


10. You invest too much energy in sorting out things.

Often forgetting to enjoy life as it comes.


11. Highly intuitive people are also high on empathy.

Driving people to use them in the name of empathy.


12. You won’t buy logical reasons but often listen to your gut.

Which is a good thing, only that it reduces objectivity in your life.


13. Seeing someone in need and you instantly pounce upon them with “What’s wrong?”

Just don’t allow people to take advantage of this.


14. You take everything seriously and instantly create deep connections.

But actually you should not.. that is how fun is being driven out from your life.


15. You get unnecessarily involved in other people’s matters when it’s none of your business.


16. But when it comes to others knowing you, you mostly shut them off.

 You think only you alone can solve your problems.


17. Since you can instantly read other people, you’re at a risk of not dealing with them practically.


18. You also strive to be a perfectionist, and in doing so, forget that life is not always perfect.

Neither are situations and nor are people.



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