10 Ways In Which Female Friendships Differ From Male Ones

8:00 pm 19 May, 2015



1. Girls are more emotionally attached to their friends and have heart-to-heart talks often.

Guys on the other hand talk generally about sex, girls and less personal things

2. Girls friendships have too much of drama.

Guys friendships have too much alcohol.

3. Girls love to talk about dress and makeup with their friends.

Guys rarely discuss fashion but make it up by talking at length about everything else.

4. Girls have one or at the most two best friends with whom they bond emotionally.

Guys hang out in packs.

5. Girls greet their besties with tight hugs.

Guys have weird ways of greeting each other.

6. Girls want to keep their friends safe.

Guys want their friends to taste adventure, drink, smoke and be crazy.

7. Girls love to share secrets.

Guys love to share dirty jokes.

8. When girls fight with their friends, pulling of hair is common.

When guys fight with their friends, it is more of fists and kicks.

9. Girls need a series of similarities to be best friends.

All it takes is one common interest for guys to become best friends.

10. Friendship between girls can be confusing with jumbled messages at times.

Guys have everything out in the open – without hidden messages.

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