11 Differences Between Love And Crush You Should Know

Updated on 29 Dec, 2018 at 3:42 pm


Ferocious debates and verbal wars have been fought over love and crush. Young ones, and especially those who’ve just got introduced to these new, nasty emotions, are in a fix if they are in love or it’s just another crush.

What is love, and what is crush? Can you fall in love with your crush?

Or, this person someone to be dreamt of only at night or swooned at when s/he passes by! To end all the debates between love and crush.



Here’s a list that honestly attempts to elaborate few distinctions between love and lust –


1. A crush lost is equal to crush gained!

…but a love lost, is like a part of you dead.


2. Crush is a choice and you may or may not pursue it; with love, you have no option but to just dive in.


3. Crushes are about temporary infatuation; love is about soul bonding.

You may not care a damn about rights and wrongs concerning the life of your crush but if you are in love, everything ‘right’ in his life makes you happy and everything ‘wrong’ makes you sad.



4. You may have a crush on anyone but you cannot be in love with every second person you are so magnetically attracted to.

You may “fall” for anyone from Brad Pitt to Virat Kohli, and from the underworld Don to the roadside Romeo—and all of them at the same time, including fictional characters! But just think how it all would seem if you fall in love with all of them at the same time! Phew!



5. If crush is fairy tale… love is magic.

Fairy tales are fictional. Magic is real.


6. You skip a heartbeat when your crush enters the room; but when you are in love, it’s all so amazingly peaceful.



7. A crush is an obsession; love is all about commitment – truckloads of it.

The earlier we understand this fact, the better it is!



8. Crush is perfection personified; and the perfection has to do a whole lot with your perceptions.

Can you remember any instance where your crush wasn’t THE perfect man or woman (of course, to you)? However, your love may not be the perfect person, but learning to live with all the imperfections defines your relationship. Don’t you agree?



9. Someone has rightly said, you see what you like in your crush, but in love, you like what you see in your love.

Your “crush-story” have a fairy tale feeling, but your “love-story” is a fairy-tale indeed…with its own share of sorrows and joys, happiness and adversities.


10. Love comes in all shapes and sizes; crush comes in perfect measurements only!

…yet love is the perfect recipe for happiness!


11. Crush may be the beginning of love.

Yes, that is possible. Would you know when it applies to you? Yes, you will.

It’s called love at first sight.

So, are you mistaking your crush for your love?



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