11 Differences Between Fit and Unfit People

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12:00 pm 18 Jul, 2015


Post industrial life means we no longer have to do any physical activity to survive. There are people who do it, and it is not us, the internet browsing junta.

With the comfort and luxuries of this life, we also have a lot of problems that plague us – depression, obesity. A lot of negatives are associated with bad health. But even today, there are those amongst us who consistently keep fit.

What is it that the fit people do that we don’t? Here is a list down.

1. Fit people eat real food.


Eating less or dieting is the worst shortcut to ‘fitness’. Instead, fit people eat non-processed, nature given whole foods. Think fruits, roots, milk, eggs, meat, vegetables.


Fit people

The worst thing you could do is have soft drinks. naturally mindful

2. Fit people plan their day around fitness.

Nothing in this world is free. Especially not fitness. Fit people understand this and plan their entire day around their fitness. That means meals and exercise both. But don’t take this as an excuse to give up on fitness. Understand the logic behind it.


Fit people

Yes, this is work. Don’t skimp on it. happy-healthy

3. Fit people have at least four hours of physical activity in a week.

Unless you are walking for more than 5-7 kms on a daily basis, walking to and from work, or standing in a bus/train is NOT physical activity. Physical activity involves sport training, running, skipping, lifting weights, martial training.


Fit people

Fill it. Use it. movenourishbelieve

4. Fit people don’t choose comfortable exercises.

A lot of us like to pretend we are exercising when actually we are deriving no benefit out of the exercise. Don’t walk, run. Skip rope for 15 minutes every day. Don’t spend hours on the elliptical, lift weights. Yes, even if you are a woman.


Fit people

If you are not struggling to do it, you aren’t doing enough. lifestylebeginsnow

5. Fit people eat more.

This might sound counterintuitive, but fit people actually eat more than unfit people. It is the quality of the food that differs and that is all the difference.


Fit people

What you eat and Why you eat it, watch both. youtube

6. Fit people cheat less.

That doesn’t mean fit people don’t enjoy the burgers and biryanis. It is just that they are less dependent on rich food than you and me.


Fit people

To be safe, choose a tandoor kebab over other ‘health’ foods. robbwolf

7. Fit people understand good calories vs bad calories.

All calories are not created equal. 50 calories from a soft drink are much worse than 100 calories from eggs. If your food has carbs, protein and fat in good proportions, the calories will do you much better than empty calories that you get from chips and colas.


Fit people

Unless made at home, avoid carbs. They tend to be associated most with sugars and oils. sharpiron

8. Fit people are not thin or fat.

Fit people understand that fitness has to do with physical ability and health and not self or social image. How you ‘look’ has got nothing to do with how fit you are. Thin can be unhealthy, fat is unhealthy. Fit people don’t go to the gym to impress anyone.


Fit people

If you feel weak, you are weak. But you can change it. indianexpress

9. Fit people understand moderation.

Whether it is the pakodas, the kheer, the alcohol or lazing around, fit people understand when enough is enough and that it is much before they feel like they can’t have any more. And they don’t smoke.


Fit people

Learn to say No. To your own self first. realweightlossrealwomen

10. Fit people sleep a lot!

Whether you require four hours of sleep a day or ten, fit people never skimp on their requirements. Sleep is not a waste of time but the time you give your body and mind to recharge, refresh and be ready for the next day completely! They may also nap from time to time!


Fit people

Age is nothing but a collection of unhealthiness. And the less you sleep, the more you age. babycentre

11. Fit people think long term.

Fit people do not look for shortcuts like dieting or quick weight loss programmes or the next best easy way to be fit. They put in the required hours, research and determination to be the best they can be. And the world ends up liking them as a side effect!


Fit people

If they promise you a miracle pill, diet, exercise programme, they think you are stupid. positivemed


Which of these fit people habits do you follow? Which of the implied unfit habits do you have?



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