Minor Escaped Jail Time In Hit-And-Run Case Because Of A Pending Bill

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Updated on 9 Jul, 2016 at 8:46 am


In a tragic state of affairs the minor hit-and-run car driver who killed 32-year-old IT professional Siddharth Sharma on April 4 turns 18 today, just 4 days after the accident.




Even as the grieving Sharma family demand justice for Siddharth, the 18-year-old seems to have avoided jail time based on a mere technicality.

What is more, the minor driver who was speeding in the Mercedes car spent less than seven hours in jail before being released on bail, while his father was issued just a challan under section (5) and 181 of the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA).





The said MVA does not serve much of a punishment, as it merely books the father for giving car keys to his son who is not authorised to drive.

Even if proven guilty, the father would spend maximum of three months in jail and pay a fine of just Rs.1,000.

What adds salt to the wound is that the culprits might not have managed to get away so lightly had the current government’s proposed road transport and safety bill been passed.

The pending bill provides for stringent penalties for various traffic offences, including a jail term, depending on the gravity of the crime.



Facebook Siddharth with his dog Benson

Under this bill, the penalties would get much harsher and the one who commits the offence of death by over speeding will have to pay fine of Rs.1 lakh and spend not less than four years in jail.

The proposed bill is set to change the Motor Vehicle Act that has been in place for last 26 years.

The new bill has also proposes that if an unauthorised person is caught driving the vehicle he will have to pay Rs.10,000 as fine and the vehicle can also be impounded.

Unfortunately, the said bill that has been piloted by the road transport ministry, will most likely now be introduced in the Parliament this upcoming session from April 25.

Here is what had happened on the April 4th night:



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