Did Ekta Kapoor’s Complaint To Smriti Irani Lead To Pahlaj Nihalani’s Exit?

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12:21 pm 15 Aug, 2017


We should be eternally grateful to the Balaji Queen, Ekta Kapoor, as she could the reason why Nihalani was sacked.

Nihalani, the former Censor board chief, has been a pain in the ass for filmmakers because he belonged to an era when sex wasn’t discovered, women never fantasize, and profanity was extinct. Thus, it was high time to send him back to his pious world. Because his sankaars and creativity cannot coexist together.




We need thank our I&B Minister, Smriti Irani, for this action, and her close friend, Ekta Kapoor. It is said that Ekta Kapoor’s has been updating her about Nihalani’s uncivil behavior and his immature way of working.

Also, a number of times, several filmmakers have come together to protest against Pahalaj Nihalani because he shattered a film’s value through his “cuts”.



Recently, Ekta Kapoor’s production ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ faced a similar fight. This was when Ekta Kapoor decided to confront this matter to Irani. Sources say,


For a very long time, Ekta had been grumbling against Nihalani’s high-handedness. As luck would have it, Ekta’s old buddy Smriti Irani was appointed the Minister of Information & Broadcasting around the same time when Lipstick Under My Burkha was taken by her for marketing and distribution. When the film was severely attacked by the CBFC, Ekta expressed her displeasure to the new I&B Minister.

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