The ‘Diamond Village’ Of Chattisgarh, Payalikhand, Is Changing Villagers’ Lives

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5:07 pm 19 May, 2015


Payalikhand is not an ordinary village. It can also be called a ‘diamond village’. Why? Because, in this village in Mainpur (Chattisgarh), villagers and outsiders dig the earth  from daybreak till night-time to find diamonds, reports Dainik Bhaskar.

The village has become a most happening place. After digging a four or five foot pothole, villagers and outsiders sort out diamonds and gemstones from the mud.


Diamonds and gemstones are then sold for Rs 100-500, depending upon the size. The trade is carried out through businessmen who visit here frequently. Though the trade is illegal, villagers are happy that they are at least getting money to eat.



 Villagers are so excited about diamonds being found here that they now want government intervention. The district Sarpanch has written a letter to Chief Minister of Chattisgarh and Chief Justice of the High Court, requesting them to regulate the mining.

In the letter, he reasoned that the diamonds should be regulated so that the government can gain monetary benefits from it. The government gain can be used to reduce the tax in the state.

danik bhaskar