Top Diabetes Apps For Android And iPhone

3:23 pm 23 Dec, 2015

Diabetes is a growing pandemic that affects close to 400 million people globally. It is a challenging disease since it requires a lot of management and self-care by the patient on a daily basis. People affected with diabetes have a lot to think about as they need to keep a watch on their blood glucose, sometimes multiple times in a day. Apart from this they have to keep a tap on medications, activity, carbs, etc.

The last decade has seen a lot of improvement in the way diabetes is managed. Today, the smartphones are bringing about a complete revolution in diabetes management. We are talking about the top diabetes apps that have started to make managing diabetes a breeze.

We reviewed the diabetes apps available on android and present to you the top 4  such diabetes apps:

1. DailyDoc Diabetes Care Platform

DailyDoc stands out among thousands of diabetes apps on the playstore with its elegant and easy to user interface that allows for easy logging. DailyDoc also has a complete medication reminder system that allows you to keep a tap on your oral meds and insulin.  You can set physician specified goals that will make the app highly personlized. The app also allows you see interesting trends from your data and you can generate reports that can be emailed directly to your care team.




2. Diabetes Logbook

Diabetes Logbook is a fun oriented diabetes app that has colorful screens and uses gamification. The whole idea of app is based on a diabetes monster that the user has to tame. The app allows easy tracking of blood sugar, carb, meds, weight, a1c, etc. With logbook you can generate reports that can be sent to physicians.


Diabetes LogBook


3. OnTrack Diabetes

OnTrack is one of the oldest diabetes app that allows you to easily track blood glucose, hemoglobin A1c, food, weight, and many others. It helps you generate detailed graphs that can be shared with physicians. In our view, even though OnTrack wins on simplicity but the interface fails to meet the standards of the current generation.




4. Glooko

Glooko is a detailed diabetes app that has good design and allows recording of various parameters relevant to diabetes. The app will also sync with select blood glucose meters using a paid cable. You can add context to your readings and that data can also sync with your provider if they have a kiosk.




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