Twitterati Blast Dia Mirza After An Old Tweet Of Her About The Amarnath Shrine Resurfaced

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3:13 pm 29 Jun, 2018


About a year ago, a group of militants had attacked a bus carrying Amarnath pilgrims leaving 7 dead and 32 injured. A number of celebrities condemned the attack at that time, while Dia Mirza tweeted to mention that Amarnath”‘has been a symbol of shared community, respect and love”. In her tweet, the actress also mentioned that the shrine was discovered by a Muslim shepherd, Buta Malik, in 1850. However, Dia Mirza was strongly targeted for her tweet back in 2017. A number of social media users blasted at her with strong comments for not condemning the terrorist attack on pilgrims and glorifying Muslims instead.

It looks like social media still hasn’t forget Dia Mirza saying that Amarnath was discovered by a Muslim shepherd named Buta Malik in 1850.



Now the tweet of the actress has resurfaced on Twitter and people are denouncing the actress, but this time, not for not condemning the attack. Here is the tweet by Dia Mirza from July 2017:




Now, Twitterati are furious with Dia Mirza for stating wrong facts. According to Hindu mythology, the oldest references of the shrine are found in Nilamata Purana that dates back to the period between (6th-8th century CE). It is believed that the Amarnath cave was first discovered by a saint named Bhrigu Muni. At that time, Kashmir valley was submerged under water which was drained by Kashyap Muni through a series of rivers and rivulets.


The Amarnath cave. Source


While the Amarnath shrine existed and worshiped much before Muslim shepherd Buta Malik reached the place, its Pauranik approach was discovered by Buta Malik.



Taking the facts about the discovery of Amarnath cave into consideration, social media has blasted at the actress yet another time. Some have been waiting for her to delete the tweet while some feel that she has hurt the sentiments of Hindus. Many social media users have also asked her to take into account terrorism allegedly spread by Muslims in the valley before trying to glorify them. Some of the replies to her tweet can be read below:



















After such strong criticism, the actress has apparently taken her tweet down as it no more exists on the social media platform. Does it mean that she has realized her mistake?