Wait For It. Dhinchak Pooja Is Coming With A New Song Soon, And The Internet Is In Pain

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4:43 pm 22 Jul, 2017


For most of us, it might the most disheartening news of the day, but for the dhinchaks, it would a moment of joy. Because Dhinchak Pooja is not going anywhere on her Diloon ka scooter, she will be back soon with another song.




No matter how much we criticize her singing, her idiotic lyrics, her pout, and her swag. She is a star because of us. Though her music doesn’t make sense, it is insanely addictive. We would all listen to her song at least once before we say “Fuck it”.

After releasing ‘Diloon Ka Scooter’ on public demand, she announced the arrival of her song on Facebook.


Since her declaration, some are rejoicing, and some are painfully shocked.




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