Forget Dhinchak Pooja! You Will Play This Girl’s Cringeworthy Song About Potatoes On Loop

6:16 pm 18 Jul, 2018


In case you didn’t know already, the Internet is filled with viral pictures and videos that became popular due to the weirdest reasons possible. From Dancing Uncle to Chai Pee Lo aunty, the Internet has given us some of the most sensational individuals who became overnight celebrities with their bizarre ‘talent’ to impress the netizens. They have shared their pictures and videos causing a frenzy on the internet. One such overnight celebrity is the cringe pop queen Dhinchak Pooja who got the attention of the audience with her songs with literally no meaning at all.

Her fame became so evident that Dhinchak Pooja even got the chance to participate in the popular television reality show Bigg Boss season 11, however, she got eliminated. Dhinchak Pooja rose to popularity with her cringe-worthy songs that made us listen to the songs on loop. But it seems like the cringe queen has got a competition now.



Here is the most popular song of Dhinchak Pooja that made us all shrink:



Apparently, there is a woman named Laura Clery who has made an interestingly weird song about her love for the vegetable ‘potato’. The song has made her an Internet celebrity within no time which she proudly titled as “Mmmm Potatoes”. Her ‘Potato Song’ will definitely make you wanna stop eating potatoes since her song is the evident example of what cringe pop defines.



Written and directed by Laura herself, the song has got no meaningful line that starts with “I just want to remind you that my favorite food is potatoes.” Then she incidentally, spells out P-O-T-A-T-O for us. Take a look at the video of the Potato Song here:



Interestingly, Laura Clery is a popular YouTuber who began her career on the using her creativity in creating weirdly funny videos. The web star gained popularity through Facebook and gained millions of followers with her exceptional work.

Well, as soon as the video went viral on social media, netizens have posted the most hilarious comments saying the song is making them go WTF! Here are few of the comments:



If at all!


Who knew!










Did it make you cringe?