Did You Know Superstar Dharmendra Walked Out Of His Career-defining Film ‘Phool Aur Patthar’ After 3 Days Of Shooting?

7:30 am 25 Aug, 2018


Aside from a bouquet of memorable films that he has done in a career spanning across five decades, superstar Dharmendra is also popular for being one of the most handsome men to have graced the silver screen ever. During his heydays, the actor was as popular for his charismatic personality and pleasing demeanour as for his path-breaking roles in such movies as Anpadh (1962), Bandini (1963), Haqeeqat (1964), Seeta Aur Geeta (1972) and Sholay, to name just a few.

In all these years, what Dharmendra has never compromised on is his self-respect. His self-respect means everything to the star, and hence he prefers keeping negativity and negative people at an arm’s length, so much so that once he walked out of a film because the director was not cordial with him.



We are talking about the 1966 film Phool Aur Patthar, which is considered to be the turning point of his career. In his recent interaction with us, when we asked Dharmendra if he would like to share any memories related to that film, he revealed some interesting details.

“Yes, Phool Aur Patthar was the turning point of my career. But do you know I had walked out of the film on the third day of its shooting?”




Frankly speaking, we were a little shocked when the evergreen star told us this. But when he revealed the reason behind his drastic move, we thought he did the right thing.

“I opted out because of self-respect. O.P. Ralhan (the director of the film) had no control over his tongue. He would blurt out anything on the sets. On the third day of the shoot, I walked up to him and said that if you will hurt my self-respect, if you don’t give me love and respect, I am not going to work with you anymore.”



Dharmendra went on to add that after conveying his displeasure patently at how the director was treating him and several other cast and crew members, he darted swiftly to his mother with thoughts of leaving the film industry.

“After that, I directly went to my mother and said let’s go to Amritsar. I won’t work in the movies anymore. But then, Ralhan mended his way and we completed the film on time.”

Well, we cannot even imagine how the Hindi film industry would be like without his presence as one of its brightest stars at its firmament.