Uber Eats Recreated ’90s Nostalgia With All Grown-up ‘Dhara Oil’ Ad Kid, And You Will Love It

4:30 pm 17 Aug, 2018


You’ll have to admit that the commercials which were created in the ’90s were surely as sweet as sugar. From the ideas of the construction, there are many advertisements which were surely one of a kind. We are absolutely sure that every ’90s kid can relate to what we are about to share. Remember the very famous Dhara cooking oil commercial, the one in which a the Dhara kid wanted to leave his home but eventually ends up staying and eating tasty jalebis cooked in the Dhara oil? Yes, we are talking about that famous advertisement by Dhara.

It seems that the kid who starred in the advertisement has grown up to be a handsome hunk. And he is back with another advertisement which has a certain nostalgic vibe to it.




With a beautiful plot and even better execution, this video subtly reminds us of the Dhara commercial which came in the ’90s.  Trust us, you are going to love this advertisement as much as you loved the Dhara kid one!


Take a look at this new commercial starring the Dhara kid:


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Just like @parzaan.dastur , our favourite Jalebi boy from the 90's, when it comes to good food each one of us is still a kid. 😍 🤗 #BackToThe90s #OldPricesNewApp #90s #90sNostalgia #UberEats #UberEatsIndia

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Speaking about the new Uber Eats advertisement, the same Dhara kid (Parzaan Dastur) can be seen leaving his home and this time it is because of his flatmates don’t listen to him. Apparently, when he is just about to leave, the security guard informs him that his flatmates have ordered fresh biryani from Uber Eats. The advertisement concludes with Parzaan eating the biryani.



Check out the famous Dhara commercial which aired in the ’90s here: