You’ll Love The Fans Of SRK In ‘Dhanak’ Much More Than Gaurav In ‘Fan’

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Updated on 9 Apr, 2016 at 12:21 am


While Gaurav in ‘Fan’ is obsessive and borderline creepy, Pari and Chhotu in Nagesh Kukunoor’s ‘Dhanak’ are adorable and lively. 



While Shah Rukh’s ‘Fan’ is almost set to release, here’s a launch of another movie starring Shah Rukh Khan’s fans tracing their adventure while trying to meet their star.

Standing in front of the wall of SRK’s posters, the opening scene is a lot similar to SRK’s FAN. Yet, the scene is convincing enough of the duo’s admiration for Shah Rukh.

dhanak fan 1


Pari and her blind young brother are living their lives in a village of Rajasthan when a genie out of nowhere comes to rescue them from their drab life and take them into a world of adventure. The man with a bike and colorful turban informs them of SRK shooting in a nearby town.



Offsets the journey of  a lifetime, where these adorable kids encounter tribes, hippies, a god woman, shaadis and lots of drama enveloped in all of them.






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But no story is complete without a phase of heart-wrecking struggle – and so they do that too.


The trailer of ‘Dhanak’ is sparking curiosity at some places while making you smile at others. The movie has already been showcased at a lot of international film festivals, and by the looks of the trailer, we don’t doubt its incredible response.



Can’t wait to see Pari and Chhotu on the silver screen.


Towards Hindi cinema’s bright, meaningful, sans dancing-around-the-trees future!!