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Devotees In This City Are Doing Something Surprising To Beat The Heat In Temples

Published on 24 April, 2017 at 7:02 pm By

The heatwave in northern and western India is utterly discomforting. Thousands of humans are finding ways to escape the heat this summer.



In Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan, devotees have come up with a surprising way to ensure that their beloved God in the temple does not feel the heat. Some of the temples have now installed air conditioners, fans and coolers to ensure that the idol and the devotees, alike, do not feel uncomfortable in the heat.


Sri Ganganagar experiences some of the highest temperatures in the country and life comes to a standstill during the day. The priests of the temples revealed that with the adoption of new technology, the temples have been upgraded to provide year-round comfort to the gods and the devotees.



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