10 Things You Will Relate To If You Are A Detached Person

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5:54 pm 19 Dec, 2015

The way to acquire anything in the universe is to relinquish our attachment to it. This doesn’t mean we give up the intention to create our desires; we don’t give up the intention, and we don’t give up the desire. We give our attachment to the outcome. The moment we let go of  the outcome, we will have with us what we actually desired and deserved. And this is my friend, is the true meaning of ‘detachment‘.

Here are the thoughts which a detached person will relate to:


1. No matter what the situation is, your stillness never betrays you.

Your internal reference point is not the ego or self image, every uncertainty that arises doesn’t raise your anxiety levels. And your placid and calm mind finds the best solution immediately.


2. Your source of creativity is your pure consciousness.

As your mind is free from fear of failure and rigidity of attachment to the outcome, your true potential germinates from your pure consciousness. It is the field of infinite creativity and possibilities.

3. You always find it hard to express your inner self.

Your emotional quotient never really loses its balance. You are not as confused as other people and hence, your emotional imbalance doesn’t always need an outlet, as all the mess is solved internally.

4. You are never caught in the storm of ‘expectations’, as you enjoy the uncertainties.

The word ‘expectation’ don’t really exist for you and you have accepted uncertainty as as essential part of your existence. You always try to understand the wisdom of uncertainty, instead of being a prisoner of expectations.


5. You love your isolation time.

During your alone time, you love to connect with your true self and silence the inner turbulence building up. This makes you access the calm space between your thoughts.


6. You don’t like to talk much but when you speak, your intelligence impresses everyone around.

Doing bakchodi is not your cup of tea. You often wonder how people can talk so much sh*t without thinking twice. It’s because their response awareness is much below your enlightened thinking.

7. You have very few people in your life with whom you have been attached.

Your parents and your handful of friends form a core part of your life. You love and care of them. But beyond them, you are hardly bothered about anyone.

8. You are unfazed by success or failure.

You accept that both success and failure are transient. Failure never disturbs you; instead it becomes a significant source for introspection and success never bloats your head, so you avoid arrogant behavior.


9. You don’t overthink.

Every time your mediocrity forces you to overthink, a mindful thought from your soul clears your doubt and prevents you from falling into the trap of insanity.

10. You don’t judge people and situations.


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