A Dentist Was Lynched To Death In Delhi But The Discourse Is On Something Else

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3:25 pm 26 Mar, 2016

The death of 40-year-old dentist Pankaj Narang was as horrific as the Dadri lynching episode. Here was a doctor who was dragged out of his home in west Delhi’s Vikaspuri by a mob of nine, who fatally beat him with hockey sticks, bats and rods.

Their brutality was deplorable and inhuman.

It was a road rage, as the media puts it. It happened when the doctor’s son was grazed by a speeding biker on the road, which led to an altercation between him and the biker.



Police arrested nine people, four of them minors. One of the arrested is the mother of the man Dr Narang had the altercation with – Naseer. Naseer

A furious Twitterati condemned the incident. That it was not a road rage but a communal incident was what they contended.

Within hours #JusticeForDrNarang gathered more than 44 K tweets.



But in two tweets Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police of West District, Monika Bhardwaj, rubbished the communal angle to the incident.


But despite that, the focus of some in the media and politicians remained on the communal angle and nitpicking.




Social media users argued that while the Dadri lynching incident received the condemnation and media attention it deserved, Dr Narang’s death is being treated like any other crime.

Media’s own bias in deliberately painting select incidents in communal colours was also highlighted.



The police have said that the accused live in a slum just behind the dentist’s home. The slum is itself a hotbed of criminal activities, as this report tells us.


A doctor was killed by a sick mob before his eight-year-old son. The same kind of sick mob killed Akhlaq in a similar manner.

Though there might not be any communal colour to the doctor’s death, the liberal media and the politicians should treat this incident as they treated the Dadri one.


Even the horse that broke his leg enraged that very section of the Liberal media which was quick to accuse a poor BJP leader despite footage showing he might have done nothing to the beast.



Those found guilty, including juveniles, do deserve the highest form of punishment and that is exactly what should be demanded by all.



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