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13 Delights Of Being A Free-Spirited Woman With A Fiercely Brave Heart

Updated on 2 September, 2019 at 4:50 pm By

Please don’t see, just a girl caught up in dreams and fantasies. Please see me reaching out for someone I can’t see.”



(Just if you want to) Gretta, a free spirit song writer from movie Begin Again wrote these lines that describe her own sense of freedom, and of countless other free spirited women in the world.

We are brave, and we are sensitive. We have watery, empathic hearts that ooze with oodles of compassion. We fight fierce battles against the dictums of patriarchy; there is no power in the world that could cocoon us.

So here’s to us, a small list of delights, our free spirit bestows upon us:

1. Self-made discoverers, we are always looking beyond the horizon.

People plan trips, stay in first class hotels, visit monuments, temples, and bazaars and return home with holiday souvenirs.


We venture out into the unknown, where the skies are azure blue, the mountains are a chaste green and the sea is resting silently in its mirth. At least we want to if we haven’t got a chance already.

Self Made Discoverers,


2. We ride on the winds of passion.

It’s relentless passion that essentially defines our lives.

School, office, home or elsewhere, we wade through turbulent oceans of despair and sail safely to joyous shores.We really don’t mind jumping into the vastness of this crazy world.

That been said, we hardly care to be doctors, engineers or housewives, unless of course we absolutely want to. We’re passionate about living. We eat what we love, work where we choose to, make friends, fall in love, and do it all with ecstatic passion.

3. Caring deeply for everyone in our little world is what makes us beautiful.

Most of us girls are like sponges. We absorb everything around us with a depth.

If a friend or family member does not appear to be happy or at her best, we’d know. We can pick up their anxiety, fears, grief, frustrations, and jealousy. And we think we have the power to heal them all.

No, it’s not charity we do. We just heal lives. That’s in our nature.

Caring deeply for everyone in our little world is what makes us Beautiful


4. We are unapologetic – Guilt-free life is Good Life.

We do things by choice, not by chance.

If we feel more confident wearing make-up on a certain day – by all means we will paint our faces in all the colors we like. The point is to make every moment of our life a happy affair.

It doesn’t matter to us if we don’t fit in all the time. We will still go out and do the strangest things. Fall in love with the wrong people, travel alone, ride a motorbike if that’s our heart’s desire. What’s there to regret?

We are Unapologetic


5. We love unconditionally.

Honestly, our love is not exactly a free ride; not even for our parents and siblings. Our friends have had to pass a few tests before we let them walk into our lives.

We hardly go by a person’s looks, intelligence or boldness. But, yes, we like honest people. May be that’s true for all other reasonable and lively people like us.

We can sniff sincerity from a distance, and if you can be sincere, we will love you come what may.

6. We take risks, instead of getting bored.

It breaks us to get bored for even a microsecond. So, exciting and new exciting things are always on our minds. If you could help us with that, boy, you’ve earned yourself some points.

But wait, acting at the spur of the moment comes naturally to us. So don’t be surprised if we ask you for a drink in the middle of the day, or start dancing in the rain.

We do everything our heart asks for. Kind of.

7. We shed our skins to be re-born, time and again.

We are re-born with every new experience. We shed our illusions from time to time just like the snakes shed off their skin.

When we travel to new places we bring home a new culture. If we meet new people, we learn to look at the world from their eyes. Sometimes, we cry and at other time we laugh our stomachs out. But whatever the experiences, being re-born is a continuous, relentless process of evolving.

We Shed Our Skins to Be Re-Born, Time And Again


8. Try taming us, you won’t catch up.

Falcons can only be tamed through their appetite. For us, it’s the appetite for living that works the same way.

Chasing the unpredictive us is like chasing a wild horse running down the horizon.

We don’t believe in punctuality, precautions, and we seldom like to abide by the set norms. You know, there’s no fun in that.

Yes, we won’t skip the red light at a traffic signal, but one day we will just get up from our seat, pack our bags and go to the mountains and you wouldn’t know when it happened.

9. We rejoice in our femininity and trust our instincts.

So many people ask us, what is it that sails us through every situation? How do we always land up with the right people? How do we secure the right job, despite how bizarre we are?

The answer is – we follow our instincts, every second of our lives. We believe there is something about us females, some kind of mystical murmur that we call our impulse, which helps us take correct decisions, spontaneously.

10. We know how to laugh in the rain.

We are like the peacocks, who love dancing in the rain. We feel alive with our wings fully spanned and feeling the warmth of the ground beneath our feet. And don’t take this too literally! It just means that you’ll see us enjoy good times as much as trailing happily through the rough phases of life.

There will be times when our pockets will be full of money, and there will be times when we will be penniless. But as long as we have our free will, nothing can turn us off – not even empty pockets.


11. We don’t trade any peak of the valley, for safe and secure monotony.

Fiercely and ruthlessly independent, we never fear unknown tomorrows, but we may be frightened by foreseen futures.

This is the reason why we are not afraid of landing in a new country as much as we are scared of the idea of marriage. Most of us despise well paid secured jobs that are likely to be monotonous.

We’d rather become a nomad, or musician, or travel agent, or simply scare the crows away if that seems exciting enough. We don’t like planning one day ahead, let alone 5 years or 10 years. We work hard, earn a good salary, but only for the next plane ticket it can buy.

12. We’re immune to criticism.

We have our share of admirers, but more than that, we have our share of critiques. We may skip a family gathering for a solo trip if that’s what it takes to keep our mind and heart free.

Some call us immature and irresponsible. The truth is that we are just free birds trying to live a free life.

We’re Immune to Criticism


13. Unleash free spirit in others.

By our own virtues, we cannot connect with people who are caged within walls. So if you want to be with us, get in touch with your own spirit.


Take your car keys, go out to the places you love, do crazy things you fancy, make weird friends, get a tattoo, get body piercings, or anything else, but just be yourself.


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