10 Chilled Out Delhi NCR Cafes Where You Can Really Work!

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9:00 pm 18 Aug, 2015

Until yesterday, working from a cafe was a foreign concept; only a part of European culture. Emerging cafes in India were meant for hangouts. Hollywood movies inspired us to sit on a table alone and let our thoughts flow, read a book or just work. Unfortunately, having a good time alone sounded alien to our culture.
In the last year or so, Delhi has witnessed a resurgence. Start-ups were looking for cheap office alternatives and then these amazing ideas started blossoming on coffee tables. Freelancers, creatives wanted an avenue to finally relax, sip on coffee and hum with their work. Delhi, with its eclectic quirky vibes, has a lot of cafe options to work at. We might not be as cool as Bangalore yet, still we are catching up.

A very obvious suggestion for anyone who visits Delhi and looks for a work cafe is ‘Social Offline’. People looking to work in cafes sure need great WiFi and great food, but more than that, they need a quiet, low setting. Less chaos, more inspiration.

So here we list 13 lesser-known but perfect quiet, inspiring work cafes  in Delhi where you can get it all – great food, great ambience, great WiFi!


1. KunZum Cafe, Hauz Khas Village

If you are someone whose artsy work needs creative inspiration, then this is the place for you. Comfortable, low-floor seating with stacked up travel books which are complimented by candid travel pictures on white walls. Its relaxing and casual. You can sit for as long as you like. The most interesting part is you can PAY WHATEVER YOU LIKE. Their regular meetups are a great way to meet new people. However, ask them in advance about this in case you wish to work in a quiet ambiance.


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2.Ivy & Bean, Shahpur Jat

Have you been grown up wishing for a little white-pink corner, colorful books stocked up on one side and a windy balcony on the other? Guess what? Your prayers have been answered. Tucked away in the whimsical lanes of Shahpur Jat, this cafe is an ideal location to unwind and work.  It serves great Hazelnut mocha and lack of alcohol makes sure your work place is quiet and Not Disturbed!


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03. Rose Cafe, Saket

Away from city life, this cranny Rose Cafe in Saket is a perfect place to let your creative side get to work. It’s REALLY quiet, quaint and beautiful. Rainy mornings or winter afternoons, you can spend it all here. Try your hands on Scrabble for a break. For you delectable taste buds, they have a lot to offer. Don’t miss their chocolate desserts!

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04. Get A Fix- Greater Kailash I

Getafix not just provides you a creative space but fixes your woes of unhealthy, junk food. Most of the times, when working outside, the prime concern is the unhealthy food we have to gorge on due to lack of options. Getafix provides you a great option for guilt free indulgence, offering healthy in-house made breads, freshly squeezed juices without sugar (try their orange juice) and detox water. The cafe has quirky and vibrant ambiance to lift your mood. For readers, Getafix has a small library with amazing books. This lively place is sure to give you an inspiring work experience.


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05.  Cafe Wanderlust, Galleria

Just as its name suggests, Cafe Wanderlust is a cozy place for wandering feet. It’s got tempting hammocks, nostalgic pebbles and red brick walls. They have a global and quite an extensive menu right from American Shakes, Spanish Churros to Banarsi Kachori and Gujarati Dabeli. Their walls are adorned by enchanting pictures and their racks with amazing books and scrabble. It’s small and have limited tables so you can be assured of a quiet ambience. Head out here for a fun-fulfilling work day!



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06. Another Fine Day, Golf Course Road

Another Fine Day will ask you to come another fine day for it’s quiet ambiance (Read: NO MUSIC!), a cornered bookshelf with board games and awesome mud cake. It’s a small brick cafe with bright yellow lights, sure to give you a good set-up to sit up and work!

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07. Potbelly Rooftop Cafe, Shahpur Jat

A regional cafe, Potbelly assures you some peace, some great view and some nice coolers. This cafe perched on top gives  you a spectacular view while you ramble on your laptop. Apart from some authentic Bihari cuisine, try Dhamaka Fries and Maggi (Okay, let’s wait for its return!). Pakora basket sounds heavenly in this rain! Take a cornered seat besides the window and you wont be disturbed by young, enthusiastic college crowd.

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08.Tea Trails, CP

Cannaught Place being the in centre of Delhi becomes the most convenient and buzzing place for meetings, appointments and work.   A heaven for tea drinkers, Tea Trails Bistro comes as a friendly surprise in a circle so expensive.  The exclusive myHQ work zone, modestly priced menu with an additional myHQ discount, well lit sitting area and the cheerful ambiance makes it a great place for both teams and individuals to work here. What’s more, you can start your day early with a healthy breakfast as the place opens up at nine.

Find more about its offers and discounts on MyHQ. 




09. Cafe Confused, Sec-23 Gurgaon

Don’t be ‘confused’ and give it a shot if you are really tired of conventional, crowded cafes. Its new and has been garnering good reviews from foodies all over. The ambiance is nothing extra-ordinary, but is really homely. While you are musing, you can check out some fun quirks on their wall though. Sit back on the couch, sip on some KitKat Shake (current fav!) and get on to do some serious work.


10. Chaayos, multiple outlets

An assortment of countless flavors of Chai’s and great bustling idea around, you’ve got  a perfect spot to inspire and get inspired. Its eclectic in ambiance and gives you a relax feel. You can customize your own tea flavors and have fun with quick bites it offer. With multiple outlets in CP, Gurgaon, SDA, Noida.. you can find your pick.

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