A Third Of Delhi Lives Without Piped Water Connection And Toilets And That’s A Worrying Thing

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 4:57 pm


Water has the power to make or break civilization. Delhi’s water crisis gives us a glimpse into the power wielded by this most significant natural resource.

While the AAP government promises to provide 666 litres of water per day per household, around 32 per cent of households do not have piped water connections, sewerage systems and proper sanitation facilities, reports India Today.

A survey conducted in 12 major slums of Delhi by Citizens Solidarity, a social organisation, revealed the following:

24×7 water is not a priority for most respondents; adequate supply of water and toilets in home is.

The respondents are even willing to pay a “reasonable” amount for the same.

People in the areas are shelling out anywhere between Rs.30 and Rs.300 a month to tankers and the mafia for their water needs.

Toilets are the biggest concern for residents of the surveyed areas.

Currently, users of public toilets pay Rs.30-120 per month per family for using community toilets.

The survey also found that the government’s promise is not pragmatic because:

A family of around 5 members consumes 450 litres per day while an 8-member family consumes over 1000 litres.

One will have excess water while the other will have a shortage.


Ensuring the basic needs of the people is absolutely essential for Delhi, especially as the summer season has just started.