Delhi University Cut-off Reaches 99.25% And Twitterati Comments Are 100% Correct

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1:21 am 1 Jul, 2016

Yeh Delhi hai mera yaar, bas pyaar, mohabbat aur cut-off!!!

Today, I look at my stars and thank them because I never EVER tried to get admission in DU. Just for that, I deserve an applause because it is better to cut-off yourself from DU admissions than endlessly pray to clear the cut-off.

I mean, who gets 99.25% BC? Are they humans? Do such people really exist? Do their parents have some genetic connection with Newton? Are they some endangered species?

Okay. Fine. Congrats to all the achievers. But still, you could have performed a little below your expectations because you are SO HARMFUL for all the mediocre students.

You asking me, “Harmful in what ways?” Well, my Twitterati pals, let the truth prevail:


I know what Delhi University aspirants are feeling right now:



Feeling sorry for the students who didn’t even approach their crush because they had to study hard and avoid any distraction.



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