Married Taekwondo Instructor Masturbates In Front Of Two Women, Said He Gets Kick By Scaring Women

Updated on 18 Apr, 2018 at 4:07 pm


India’s national capital has the dubious distinction of topping the list when it comes to murder, kidnapping and several sex offences. Delhi has repeatedly topped the charts in terms of rape cases, most of which never see any justice. It is saddening to see that the crime rate has multi folded in the past few years.



The city is plagued with sexual crimes and violence – which range from cab rapes, gang rapes, molestation and even the negligence from certified police action. From young girls to even married women, these crimes are increasing day the day and have reached this devastating statistics:




And now, an another incident in Delhi will shock you. A taekwondo instructor, that too a married one, has gone ahead and committed the same crime, for which he has already served a good 14 months behind bars! His offences are a long list of snatching, robbery and molestation – which have been accounted to almost more than 20 till date.



The serial sex offender goes by the name Sandeep Chauhan and he was just recently released from prison for masturbating in front of women publicly. This may sound bizarre, but he was arrested again for allegedly flashing his genitals and openly masturbating in front of two women, in Vasant Kunj (Southwest Delhi).

His arrest took place on April 15, when one of the bold victims who witnessed this shameful act, decided to file a police complaint against him.



In fact, the Taekwondo instructor is so notorious that for his demeaning crimes, he has been registered at various police stations in the city!



According to the complainant, Chauhan flashed at her while she was in her balcony. Later, he followed the other woman like a prey towards her building, after she disembarked from her office cab.

The second woman was scared out of her wits and ran towards her residence. This infuriated Chauhan and he made lewd comments, flashed and masturbated in front of her, the police said.



A repeated sex offender, Chauhan has earlier admitted to the police that he has a habit of flashing at women after getting drunk. He came out of jail nearly a month ago, before doing this offence again.



Out of those 20 cases, there was one in 2016, when a woman had jumped off the third floor of her building in the same residential area, when Chauhan did a similar obscene act in front of her. He currently lives in Paschim Vihar with his wife and two daughters.



He was employed as a Taekwondo teacher with several South Delhi schools. Delhi Police are now further digging deep as to how such a sex offender managed to not only get jobs at these schools, but also continue with his shocking criminal record without going unnoticed.



A person held guilty for such offences must be dealt in the strictest manner and do not deserve any leniency from the court or otherwise. What is the best punishment in your opinion? Tell us in comments.



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