Delhi Police Asked Other Police Departments To Retweet An Alert, But No One Did

3:31 pm 13 Feb, 2016

On the day JNU Student Union president Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested for alleged seditious activities, the Delhi Police issued an alert asking people not to get carried away by anti-national and seditious rhetoric.

This is the alert:



As you can see, the alert was shared with the official Twitter handles of every prominent metropolitan city police.

But wait, something is not right here.


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Why didn’t any of the other police departments retweet it? After all, the alert issued by the Delhi Police carried the snapshot of a tweet posted by Hafiz Saeed, the chief of Lashkar-e-Taiba and the mastermind behind the Mumbai terror attacks.


Hafiz Saeed Meme


The entire security apparatus in India has its ears on the ground and eyes in the sky for anything that has any link to Hafiz Saeed. Retweeting Delhi Police’s alert therefore becomes very important, and even the department urged everyone to retweet it. But the other police departments didn’t.

We do not know why. What we learn from reports is that the twitter handle of Hafiz Saeed cited in the Delhi Police alert could be a fake. Even those who responded to the Delhi Police alert on Twitter pointed out the same thing.

The account in the alert could not be verified because when one tries to look up for it on Twitter, it tells us that the page doesn’t exist.



Perhaps, Delhi Police needs to do some more research before posting such alerts and urging their compadres in other cities to do the same.


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