Delhi Police Caught This Culprit Due To His Towel. Watch The Video To See How!

6:25 pm 22 May, 2018


There are many bizarre incidents happening around us that make us go LOL. We come across weirdly hysterical videos every now and then that tickle our funny bones. Evidently, one such peculiar incident has happened in Delhi that is making people say WTF! The incident took place in the Inder Puri area of West Delhi, where the residents became the witness to a hilariously dramatic experience, a couple of days back.




A notorious man, who is the main accused in more than two dozen criminal cases in the capital was trying to escape the Delhi Police personnel who came to arrest him. In order to escape the police, the man tried to jump from the terrace of his house and during the same time, the events took an unexpected turn!



Surprisingly, the offender was wearing nothing but a towel when he got the news that police is coming to arrest him and in the heat of the moment, he made an attempt to protect himself from getting arrested.

The hilarious incident got caught on a CCTV camera placed in the locality; the video footage shows the most unfortunate thing happening to the fraudster.




In the video, it is shown that the man was trying to escape through his window to the terrace in just a towel, in the most haphazard manner. As soon as he gets to the terrace, the man jumps from there in order to escape the police and his towel slips off.

Take a look at the video:



Not wanting to take the chances of him escaping away, the police arrested him naked and locked him in the PCR van before giving him any clothes to wear.

DCP (west) Vijay Kumar told the media, “We offered him an underwear to wear but he tried to escape again. So, we didn’t take any more chances and rushed him to the police van and later gave him clothes to wear.”




The name of the accused is Virendra Kala and he has 31 cases registered against him. According to the police, a non-bailable warrant has been issued against him.

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