From Tallest Escalator To Deepest Station, Some Facts About Delhi Metro’s New Magenta Line Will Leave You Amazed

4:41 pm 29 May, 2018


Metro has become the backbone of transportation in Delhi. As millions of commuters travel in Delhi metro every day, they enjoy a fast and comfortable ride in every metro route. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has planned to expand the metro all over the capital and is working very hard to achieve that goal. Taking a major step ahead, new corridor of Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line has been recently inaugurated to provide next level ease in travelling throughout Delhi-NCR.


Magenta Line has many features that will not only contribute to curbing rising air pollution in the national capital but will also reduce the travel time of the commuters from Noida to Gurugram.

Here are some of the fascinating facts about the Magenta Line of Delhi Metro:



1. Reach airport in no time!

Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line is all set to provide access to Domestic Terminal of the Indira Gandhi Airport that will make the travel faster and cheaper.


2. Travel time reduced



As it is already known that travelling between Noida and Gurugram is quite dreadful for Delhiites! Magenta Line will immensely reduce the travel time to 50 minutes as opposed to the earlier time that was more than 90 minutes. Moreover, the waiting time for the metro will also be reduced to 90 seconds from 2 minutes.


3. Knowledge Corridor

Knowledge corridor

As the Magenta Line is connecting the four prominent universities in the national capital – Jamia Millia Islamia, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Amity University and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), it is being referred to as the ‘knowledge corridor’ of Delhi.


4. Tech-friendly!

This entire line will be equipped with USB ports, Wi-Fi facility and a backrest for wheelchair-bound commuters. Communication-Based Train Control will help in ‘driverless’ movement of the locomotives.

5. Tallest Escalators

According to DMRC spokesperson, the Janakpuri Metro station on the Magenta Line has the tallest escalators installed in Delhi. With a height of around 15.6 metres and a total length of 35.3, each escalator weighs around 26 tonnes. Damn!


6. Increased frequency of trains

With the inauguration of Magenta Line, the metro corridor will operate 24 trains and then increase the number to 26 trains. The frequency of these trains will be between 15 seconds and 5 minutes leading to reduced loops and waiting time.


7. Artistic touch!

Delhi metro magenta line 1


Various artists have added their aesthetic touch to different metro stations making the Magenta Line of the Delhi metro uniquely pleasing to the eyes. Different thematic installations have been added to almost every metro station on the Magenta Line.


8. Deepest metro station

Newly renovated five-level Hauz Khas metro station is the deepest metro station levelled at 29 metres below the surface. It is being considered as an engineering landmark because of the long tunnel that is beneath an existing relatively old station.


9. Another milestone!

The Magenta Line of Delhi Metro will be the longest route opened so far in Phase 3 of the Delhi Metro Plan.

With the increased ease of travelling, the time and cost of the commuters will also be drastically saved. Kudos to Delhi Metro!